No one should assume that visiting your dentist is only necessary when faced with a dental or oral health problem. Patients of any age should schedule an appointment with their trusted dental care team at least twice a year.

Although strong oral hygiene is essential, it cannot substitute professional cleanings and examinations. Below we will discuss just how important these visits are for your overall oral health and well-being. 

The Value of Prevention 

Many individuals wrongly assume they do not need to see their dentist if there is nothing visibly wrong with their teeth and gums. However, preventive care appointments are some of the most vital ways to properly protect the integrity of your smile and oral health. 

Unfortunately, no matter how diligent one is with their at-home oral hygiene, the bacteria living in our mouths are always producing dental plaque. This substance contains harmful microbes that can affect the health of teeth and gums. When this plaque build-up is left to thrive, it causes gums to bleed during routine brushing and flossing, thus leading to gum-tissue inflammation. Although these symptoms may seem common, the truth is they are signs of the earliest form of periodontal disease, better known as gingivitis.

Although, in its’ earliest stages being completely preventable, prolonged gum disease is the most common cause of eventual tooth loss as well as greatly impacting other parts of the body causing complications in diabetes, the heart, and even low birth weight in babies. 

Visiting your dentist regularly allows them to examine your current dental state for potential warnings signs of more severe or underlying oral health concerns. Because most dental complications can be addressed more effectively when they are caught at an early stage, it is especially important to have your dentist perform these essential checkups. 

What to Expect During Your Visit

Your dental visit will include a thorough dental cleaning and examination. If you have any oral health issues, early detection is the key to effective treatment. You can avoid time-consuming, painful, and expensive treatments with routine examinations.

In addition to cavities and gum disease, you will be checked for other oral health problems. Common examples include mouth sores, bruxism, and oral cancer. If your dentist detects a problem, it can be addressed properly. 

Treating complications early is healthier and safer than allowing oral issues to continue and worsen. There are oral health issues that can do more than damage your dental health. They can undermine your general health as well. At a routine visit, your dentist will see if you have any problems that need to be corrected.

Preserving Optimal Oral Health 

Even though there are many great products on the market that can help keep your smile looking bright and appearing healthy, there is no substitute for the benefits you’ll enjoy by staying proactive and scheduling two dental appointments per year.  Your bi-annual checkups are the best time to make sure your teeth and gums are staying healthy along with your normal oral care routine. 

At Darien Family Dental Care, our team of trusted professionals lead by Dr. James Diette, truly enjoys helping patients and their families throughout Dairen maintain bright, beautiful, and healthy smiles with exceptional preventive dentistry. Call our friendly office today to for your bi-annual visit. 

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