Comprehensive Dental Implant Treatment in Darien

Darien dental implant dentist, Dr. James DietteWhether due to injury, infection, trauma, or severe decay, missing teeth can significantly hinder the function and beauty of a smile. Dental implants are one of the most reliable and successful solutions for addressing tooth loss and are unlike any other tooth replacement treatments available. However, both restoring and placing them calls for skilled hands. 

At Darien Family Dental Care, experienced dentist Dr. James Diette, works closely with our in-house implant placement specialist, Dr. Michael Wiener, to ensure every aspect of your dental implant treatment is accurate and successful. Our entire team provides complete dental implant treatment, finalized with our top-quality restorations throughout Darien and Fairfield County. 

The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

Many individuals do not realize just how essential jawbone health is to dental well-being and overall health. When teeth are missing, there is no root present for the jaw bone to receive the vital stimulation it needs for proper strength and resilience. Over time, this not only impacts facial aesthetics by causing a prematurely aged appearance, but gum tissue starts to rapidly recede in a process called resorption. 

Dental implants are specifically designed to combat the repercussions associated with missing teeth. They consist of biocompatible titanium posts that are accepted by the natural tissues in our bodies and encourage the jawbone to fuse to the implant in a process called osseointegration. Because of this, dental implants can provide the essential stimulation to your jawbone as well as offer a secure foundation for your newly affixed restoration. 

Patients requiring dental implant treatment can have full confidence in their care as these posts offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Restore Natural Appearance
  • Rebuild Jawbone Structure
  • Completely Replace Missing Teeth 
  • Discreet Results
  • Convenient Treatment

Utilizing Our Network of In-House Specialists for Your Implant Placement Procedure

By utilizing our well-equipped dental office, our team begins care by thoroughly examining your current dental state with our digital x -rays and impressions to gain accurate readings. We check the health of your jawbone and gum tissue before determining whether you are an ideal candidate for placement.

With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Diette has established a trusted network of specialists, including our in-office periodontist and implant placement expert, Dr. Michael Wiener, to ensure every patient receives the most ideal treatment possible.

Dr. Wiener will perform a precise, comfortable procedure as the artificial tooth root is strategically placed in the jaw. Our patients are given a few months to heal so the implant can fuse to the jaw, creating a renewed dental foundation and providing stimulation to the jawbone.

Providing Top-Quality Restorations Using Advanced Dental Technology

At Darien Family Dental Care, we are committed to restoring the natural beauty of your smile. Dr. Diette and his team proudly offer same-day, porcelain crowns thanks to our in-office CEREC technology. This allows us to provide completely natural-looking crowns that affix to your implant within a single visit, eliminating the needs for a temporary prosthetic.

For our patients looking to address multiple missing teeth in a row, we offer porcelain dental bridges as an ideal replacement option to bridge the gap between neighboring teeth. For those who have lost an entire arch, implant-supported dentures are affixed to your posts. They will not shift or dislodge, allowing you to smile with complete confidence.

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All of us at Darien Family Dental Care understand the impact missing teeth have on everyday life and overall well-being. Our team is passionate about restoring the health, beauty, and confidence of your smile. 

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